You Will Find Me Darting Behind Amazing Quasars

Hi there~ My name is Kate, and I love to put my feelings in tags.
Welcome to my blog. I'm a proud nerd. I believe, in the words of Wil Wheaton, "It's not what you love, it's how you love it."
I enjoy Doctor Who, Castle, Firefly, Chuck, Roosterteeth/Achievement Hunter, Sherlock, Marvel/The Avengers, Veronica Mars, Warehouse 13, Psych, Haven, Arrow, Eureka, White Collar, Community, and much more.
Other things you may find include youtubers, gaming, other Let's Players, Music I like, etc.
That's my deal, I'd love for you to follow if I keep you interested! Spoilers are tagged!
Currently Watching: The Listener

Fill this in with stuff about you 


where i’m from: TN
where i would like to live: I like living here, but I’d love to travel somewhere new.
favorite food: Italian stuff. 
religion: agnostic
sexual orientation: straight
single/taken: single
favorite book: I actually HATED The Road by Cormac McCarthy when I read it for school, but I like the quotes in relation to The Last of Us. Also, I’ve been pretty pumped about the Divergent series lately.
eye colour: blue
favorite movie: I’m really bad about movies um probably something Marvel or maybe Serenity?
favorite TV show: so many obviously but even if it’s technically an anime, I just rewatched Sword Art Online and even though it has its faults I still really enjoyed it and I’m glad SAO II is going on.
favorite band/singer: Paramore probably
favorite day of the year: any day i don’t have to set an alarm to get up which is most of the summer
favorite colour: dark blue
if i have any pets: 3 cats.
what I’m listening to right now: I’ve been jamming BO$$ by Fifth Harmony and Beast by Nico Vega. Jams that make me wanna kick butt and be fab.
last movie i’ve watched: Wreck It Ralph was on earlier, but in theaters it was TFIOS.
what’s my ringtone: The call tone is I’m Not Angry Anymore by Paramore and the text tone is the Xbox Achievement sound.
favorite male character from a TV show: Oliver Queen atm because Stephen Amell is getting me really excited for Season 3.
favorite female character from a TV show: Audrey Parker also when is Haven even coming back that’s the question I keep asking
favorite superhero: HAWKEYE CAW CAW MOTHERFUCKERS (i just read issue #19 of his comic and i loved it)
celebrity crush: where do we even start umM Craig his-name-is-hard-to-spell from The Listener. Like him as Toby Logan is toooooo much.

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hawkeye 019

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this bit was so cute tho


this bit was so cute tho

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Mercury Black, Emerald Sustrai, & Cinder Fall (a.k.a. “Team Ominous”) in s2e02 — Welcome to Beacon

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I don’t think I’m that kind of Croft.
Sure you are, you just don’t know it yet.

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them 21 jump street vibes

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what happened to weiss during the hiatus…

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ellie + her colorful vocabulary

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i thought it was funny

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