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Hi there~ My name is Kate, and I love to put my feelings in tags.
Welcome to my blog. I'm a proud nerd. I believe, in the words of Wil Wheaton, "It's not what you love, it's how you love it."
I enjoy Doctor Who, Castle, Firefly, Chuck, Roosterteeth/Achievement Hunter, Sherlock, Marvel/The Avengers, Veronica Mars, Warehouse 13, Psych, Haven, Arrow, Eureka, White Collar, Community, and much more.
Other things you may find include youtubers, gaming, other Let's Players, Music I like, etc.
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have you ever read a fic that everyone else LOVES and after u read it ur just like


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emily’s drawings in low chaos

"She hides her fears. She seeks someone to trust."

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'It's me. It's me Peter, and I'm sorry.'
The Amazing Spider-Man 2 deleted scene

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Endless List of Favorite Video Game Music: InFamous Second Son: Serial Tagger

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Dunwall; Gristol

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"You will stand at her side, Corvo, guiding her young mind, and protecting her from those who seek to exploit her or cause her harm."

"And decades hence, when your hair turns white and you pass from this world, Empress Emily - Emily the Wise, at the height of her power, will lay your body down within her mother’s great tomb. Because you were more to her than Royal Protector. Farewell, Corvo."

Also the note on Havelock’s desk that was like “Is [Emily] truly his daughter?” I was getting that vibe that Corvo was ~more~ than just the Royal Protector so it’s totally possible. (esp with “when you are near my heart is at peace” and the fact that the rune finder is apparently literally jessamine’s heart)

I can’t afford $20 worth of DLC as much as I want to find out more about Daud so I’ll probably have to stick to an LP/Movie version or wait to buy it for a little while.

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okay but imagine Connie presented the evidence to Tex in person like somehow she got her on her own and showed her everything and Tex was like “fuckin a. let’s go wreck the place” and Connie like ”what? no. we have to report to the authorities!” and Tex like “Nah, lets fuckin go punch some nerds and save Alpha right now.” 

because Connie latched to Tex’s back like a koala trying to stop her like “NO! YOU CANT LITERALLY PUNCH THE DIRECTOR IN THE BALLS RIGHT NOW!”

and tex like “OH YES I CAN.”



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Anonymous whispered:
I'm not sure why, but pointing out the flaws in rvb always makes me feel sad and defensive. It doesn't make any sense I didn't work on the thing and it's not mistakes I made, but it still bothers me. Do you have anything you're like this about and do you understand why? You seem very smart.


well any time someone is critical of a thing you like, part of you goes “oh no! but I like the thing! is it bad I like the thing when the thing clearly has problems?! does that make me bad? I feel like I need to qualify why I like the thing!” its the same reaction when someone says they straight up hate the thing you like. part of you goes !!!

So, firstly, it’s not bad to like the thing. Nothing is perfect. And not everyone is in the mood to see/hear the thing they like being critiqued and that’s fine. Just block and unfollow if you’re just hear to consume a thing and ya dont engage with media like that.  

but you gotta respect other people engaging with problematic content and having discourse about it. That’s how we get to better content — fans talking about what does and doesn’t work for them. you dont have to be the one doing the talking if it’s not your jam etc, but respect those conversations are and need to happen. 

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