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Hi there~ My name is Kate, and I love to put my feelings in tags.
Welcome to my blog. I'm a proud nerd. I believe, in the words of Wil Wheaton, "It's not what you love, it's how you love it."
I enjoy Doctor Who, Castle, Firefly, Chuck, Roosterteeth/Achievement Hunter, Sherlock, Marvel/The Avengers, HIMYM, Warehouse 13, Psych, Haven, Arrow, Eureka, White Collar, Community, and much more.
Other things you may find include youtubers, gaming, other Let's Players, Music I like, and some Anime and Manga.
That's my deal, I'd love for you to follow if I keep you interested! Spoilers are tagged!
Currently Watching: Veronica Mars

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Anonymous whispered:
What's your major in college?



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He always wanted to find you. You know, to get you right. To just see you one last time. And he wanted me to be able to do the same. To find you in here or… just, go down another iteration.

x x

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The season 5 finale, aka one of the most underrated church/tex scenes in the whole show.

Everybody always talks about Church’s ‘I’m letting you go’ speech and when he truly lets her move on at the end of season 10. I think what everybody fails to realize is this is kind of Tex’s ‘I’m letting you go’ moment. You can hear it in her voice— it’s so similar to Church’s during the season 9 finale and the scene where he shuts down the Tex drones.

The woman who hated goodbyes said that damn word because she’s letting go of something—someone—she loves, and she damn well knows it.

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the pull up: joel vs ray

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artist: [celsius]


artist: [celsius]

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i remember when we were gambling to win
everybody else said better luck next time
i don’t wanna bend like the bad girls bend
i just wanna be your friend, is it ever gonna be enough?

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