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I need help 

Because Stana/Gary is OTP can’t you just tell?!1010!)?! Also, I really don’t like the number 47.

"You’re Stana Katic?" Greg says with a questioning tone, looking Stana up and down in the dress she was wearing for the night’s occasion.

"Surprised?" Stana asks, unsure who this strange man is, but speaking to him while the paparazzi is off her for the first time all night.

"Pleasantly so," Gary smiles and looks into her eyes. "I’m Gary, and you’re as beautiful as they say."

She’s flattered, surprisingly. It’s not uncommon for men to ogle her and hit on her at these parties, really. She decides to reply with an easy “Thank you..Gary.”

She sees the flashing cameras approaching she and Gary, and Stana starts to leave, maybe find a friend around the party and avoid the cameras again, but it’s too late.

Stana starts to do one of the poses she’d practiced for press pictures, but then she hears Gary say one thing and soon it’s all she can see. It’s been there all along. It could never just be a number. It’s obviously hiding everywhere all over the world. It’s all anyone ever notices.


And then Gary has disappeared and all she can see is the number engraved in her psyche by Andrew Marlowe, 47.

Because it’s can’t just be a number, it’s obviously a secret conspiracy.

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