You Will Find Me Darting Behind Amazing Quasars

Hi there~ My name is Kate, and I love to put my feelings in tags.
Welcome to my blog. I'm a proud nerd. I believe, in the words of Wil Wheaton, "It's not what you love, it's how you love it."
I enjoy Doctor Who, Castle, Firefly, Chuck, Roosterteeth/Achievement Hunter, Sherlock, Marvel/The Avengers, Veronica Mars, Warehouse 13, Psych, Haven, Arrow, Eureka, White Collar, Community, and much more.
Other things you may find include youtubers, gaming, other Let's Players, Music I like, etc.
That's my deal, I'd love for you to follow if I keep you interested! Spoilers are tagged!
Currently Watching: The Listener

The Runaway Guys Thrown Controllers Panel PAX East 2013

I know some people were looking for it, and by a search on Youtube, someone put up a decent quality video of the panel! I know I couldn’t go, so shares for everyone.

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